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Well this project is going to finally get a truck that will RUN. Not that project black magic didn't run but 344hp in a 4000lb truck just isn't enough.  Now that the Serious Black Camaro project is done and I love the wicked power that car has.  I want to take my little truck another step up the food chain.  I have acquired a 2004 Vortec 6.0L motor with 4L80E automatic from one of my customers. I am not going to drastic as you can pretty much pull 400hp with just bolt ons.   I am going to change the cam, valve springs and pushrods to wake the 6.0 up and put a set of pace setter long tube headers on the truck with true dual 2.5 pipes back to a magnaflow ultra muffler than has the X pipe built in much like the blue whale project truck and see if I can pull a very streetable 450hp/400lbs of torque from this truck.   Coupled with some 3.73 gears and the Auburn Pro series posi that I acquired. I should be able to get this 4000lb truck into the 12's at the track and I am hoping to still be able to get over 20mpg on the highway

I am looking to use these Schoenfeld Long Tube headers. http://www.schoenfeldheaders.com/LS1-TRUCK.htm

and the cam, valve springs and pushrods from Patriot Performance.  Stock vortec 6.0L motors have a pretty pathetic 190 duration @ .050 cam from the factory so I should see a pretty significant gain going to a 218/224 duration @ .050, .550"/.550" lift and 114 lsa. These GEN3 and GEN4 heads really like a lot of lift to get the air flow going and the IVE ratio on the heads doesn't require much if any split on that duration. Some of you might say why not a much bigger cam, and well this isn't a race car.  I don't want to have to run a big stall and get crappy gas mileage just to be a little faster.  This is a truck and I will tow my atv's around with it and drive it daily so I want a good daily driver that is pretty darn quick. People have a tendancy to over cam their engines and I like a better all around package. For valve springs, I used these beehive springs from Scoggin Dickey Chevrolet.           http://sdparts.com/details/competition-cams/cc26915-16  price is reasonable and I am not going to go thrashing this thing over 6000 rpms so I believe they will be just fine.

For motor mounts I am going to use these adapters from summit racing.

Click here for more information about part# TRD-4572

For the AC, I am going to modify this kit from Fbodymotorsports http://www.fbodymotorsports.com/inc/sdetail/12165 so that I can use my factory AC compressor and hoses to try and make things less complicated than my Camaro project.

Once again, I will be getting www.rvmorsemachine.com to work over the throttle body. They are going to bore it out to 77mm and shaving the throttle shaft to get me some more air flow from the 6.0's throttle body.  I would like to have 80mm and may try one out later but I am going to see what the 77 will do.  It may be plenty for my little project truck.

I will be running 2 electric fans on the radiator to give me that extra little bit of power from this engine and they were about the only things left over from the black magic project.

When it comes to wiring this computer system I will try to list the resources for that wiring and let you know how hard it was and how it turns out.  There is a lot of swap information on www.ls1truck.com

UPDATE: 7/20/2010

The truck has been running for a while now. I have a good 1000 miles on this setup currently.  Well I don't know that I should call them good miles but miles none the less.  I have been having way more fun with this project than I had planned on for this project and I haven't been to the dyno with it yet as I am still not happy with its performance.  Be careful on the MAF sensors with these things. Even though I got my MAF with the engine setup apparently there are 3 different MAF calibrations and sure enough the MAF that I got with mine did not match up with the programming on the computer that was included with my engine setup and then I am trying to run my motor as a cable controlled throttle instead of the electronic computer controlled throttle body and that has given me some idle control issues with the AC and startup idle issues with the 2004+ green/blue connector ECM so it looks like I will be rewiring for the red/blue older LS1 style computer system and see if I can cure my idle issues.  Once you get this thing warmed up though it runs really well. Doesn't quite have the 0-3000 rpm low end that the black magic project had but from 4000-6000 rpms the thing pulls strong.  I haven't run it past 6000 yet.  I will wait until I see what the dyno numbers look like to see how far I want to stretch that motor out. So far the best gas mileage I have pulled out of the thing is about 18mpg but that wasn't a strictly highway tank of fuel as I don't take the thing that far from the house yet as I have had belt alignment issues with the AC compressor chewing up belts and all sorts of fun.

I am posting a couple of links for wiring that I found useful. http://www.lt1swap.com/2004vortec_pcm.htm

Update: 4/26/2011

Ok, I know I am a little slow on this project.  I have been driving the truck for nearly a year and it runs find but still has idle issues that are directly related to the computer system that I am running.   I just have the throttle stop set where the thing doesn't stall but it idles fairly high and will still stall once the AC is engaged which hasn't been a problem all winter long.  So what I am going to do this year is to change out the oem 6.0L wiring that I reused off that motor to a LS1 custom harness built to run the older LS computer system but wired to run the 6.0L sensors and 4L80E transmission.  I have found a company that will do the harness for about $550 and it looks really good. I had one done for the 2003 5.3L that is in the latest plum crazy project and I have the picture of that harness over there.  Looks like it will shed about 10lbs of unnecessary wiring and look a hell of a lot better than what I am running now as well as control the idle better.   This way I can get this blasted project finished and a dyno result of this swap so that I can move on to the next project which is to slap a whipple supercharger shoving 8psi of boost down this 6.0L for project nitemare and shoot for 600hp which is the reason for those fat drag radials on the back.



Went to the dyno and finished the tune for this project so I can start the next stage of this project and install a whipple supercharger on this thing.  Something strange is going on with the torque numbers for this and the plum crazy 5.3L project.  I paid closer attention to this one as I was curious.  The very first dyno pull the torque graph looked exactly like it should with the torque being nice and flat and didn't nose dive on the end either but the more pulls we made the worse it got.  I can tell you this 6.0L has plenty of torque.  I tow with this thing quite frequently and I can put 3 or 4000 lbs behind it and it will run off with it and hardly ever downshifts except for pretty steep grades.  Anyway it pulled 326hp and 321lb of torque at the wheels weather corrected (20% drivetrain loss puts those numbers at 408hp and 400lbs of torque) which is a little lower than I expected from this engine but if you look at the graph it pulled those horsepower numbers pretty low rpm for the cam that I am running and really flattened out quickly past 4800 rpms which is odd for a LS series engine.  There will likely be something that I will find at some point causing it to do that whether the intake itself or the air cleaner setup I am running or just what.  I tried all sorts of different timing tables and air fuel ratio with little to no affect.   Anyway here is the graph.